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Lol Spandex

Hair Metal Macros

Hair Metal Macros
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Macros of hair metal/glam metal/sleaze metal bands.

lol_spandex is a community for macros of hair metal/glam metal/sleaze metal bands. We're pretty laid-back around here, but we'd appreciate you sticking to these guidelines:

1. No hate. If you can't say something nice, shut your (cherry)piehole.

2. Please tag your entries with the bands you're posting macros of.

3. We won't go all Axl on your ass if you post something that's not technically hair metal, but keep it in the general range. Don't hurt yourself worrying. Check the interests for general parameters.

4. If you're posting more than one picture, please LJ-cut it.

That's about it. Get crazy, kiddos.